Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer's Gone

Well Summer gone and fall is here... My sinuses are kick my butt and it's miserable. I've had 3 sinus headaches this past week and they are freaking suck. Renfair has been good this year. The two days I actually went turned out to be the hottest days of all and my sister got sick and dehydrated both time then we found out she was anemic so now she's one iron supplements. I had plan to go to fair this weekend when it was in the low 60's with wind but had to fix my car first. Unfortunately the left caliper on the back was warped and need replacing, $110 buck but the plus side is I get money back for returning the old one.

This summer sucked I had to survive on 4-10 hours a week and was able to save a cent this summer. Hours a finally pick up and I putting money back for next summer. I'm also researching Vacation Ideas for Single people....