Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So sore.......

I can't walk right now... Why you ask? Since Saturday, I have spent they last nearly 45 hour at my job. i have been pulling double shifts all weekend because no one wants to work. Because fo this along with working in a fast food restaurant, the heat cause me to have massive rashes along with the skin being rubbed raw I can't walk. Only reason I'm on right now instaed of sleeping is A. my insomamia is bother me B. I just finished a 5 page report thats due 11am tomorrow. The reason I pulled these shifts is that my boss is selling me her car and I need the money for it My f***ing van keeps breaking down and leaving me broke.(I know i am rmbling but i have a lot on my mind and need to get it off alnong with its 3 in the morning.) blah blah blah..... I fell so much better.

1 comment:

  1. I understand that you are doing all this for what you think is a good reason, but, if you injure yourself, make yourself sick or otherwise cause your body to be harmed you are NOT helping yourself in the long run! Just because you are buying the bosses car does not mean you have to kill yourself working! If you can't walk, what good is a car anyway? Also, for the rash, have you tried baby powder or maybe Gold Bond? Remember, slow down and don't kill yourself for money! If you make all the money in the world but wreck your health, the money is useless!