Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mad at the moment...

I pissed at the moment. My sister found a stray kitten outside and caught him and brought him inside the house. Unfortunately he is still young we think he not old enough to be away from his mother yet. He is partically litter trained but not quiet yet. He decided to leave two little presents at the foot of my bed and one was on a very expensive cook book I got for my birthday a few years ago and ruined it. I was no more finished cleaning it up and went it to the bathroom to wash my hands and turned around to find another present on my uniform from work. I just washed it yesterday and I normally wear them two days. Now I have to get up earlier and wash it all over again.

On another note: My friend is visiting from MA where she had moved to last summer.(her husband is a civilan/military contract person) She is be shipped to New Mexico next year. I'm glad to see her again. I will miss her when she goes back home.

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  1. Remember, the kitten is not doing it on purpose and also remember, you can put it in an area where it can't get to your stuff! Sounds like you need to make a kitten area and put it in that area when you are not able to watch it. Or at night, etc. With food, water and litter so it knows that is the place to go!