Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Year....

Well everyone this year is nearly over and I haven't accomplished much. Lots of things have changed but everything is pretty much the same as it was last year. I created a list at the beginning of this year of 8 goals to try and accomplish and I only accomplished 2. First was I bought a car, now I'm six years in debt...Yea me. Second was able I saved enough money and was able to go to renfest without being broke for months on end afterwards. I'm still work my dead end job, I want to go back to school but everything has change and most like I would have to start over. On the plus side my asshole brother moved out and officially have my own room!!! I did have a tooth pulled that I ended up breaking before valentines day early in the year. They pulled at the beginning of August and I still have to go back and get the rest filled. I did start a small relationship with a guy but unfortunately found out he was a straight SOB pose as a gay guy. For now I'm still looking. getting ready for the holidays.

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  1. You realy need to post more :) Nice to see you are still alive and kicking!