Friday, September 4, 2009

RenFest!!!!!!, school, and funeral...

I so excited I'm getting to go to Renfest!!! For those who don't live here in Ohio, renfest is our little fair each year that last 8 weekend, a custom village during the 16th Century, it going to be a blast.

School also starts on the 9th and I will be in section until the end of November.

To all who read my last post remember that my grandma passed away the day after my 21st Birthday. We attended the funeral that following Wednesday in Catlettsburg Ky, where she was born. She is buried in Catlettsburg Cemetery which is at the top of 3 mountains. It was so Beautiful and so sad. I loved my so much and she taught me so much in the world of cooking and sparked my interest into becoming a chef. She will be missed greatly.


  1. First; Happy Birthday way late.
    Second; Sorry about your grandmother, I have none left after being born with 13 (long story).
    Third; Do you know about the SCA?
    If you like the Renfest you will love the SCA!
    Fourth; What are you studying at school?

  2. Well i studying for Cul Arts At SCC here in ohio.
    I read a little about SCA, it seems intresting.
    Well My grandma was the only one i every new because My moms mother passed when she was 11 so i wasnt even thought of...