Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School and English paper...

Sorry everyone I haven't been on recently, I have been really busy with school and work, and trying to keep my work up in English class... i received my first paper back on Monday and did do so well so I'm hoping to do a little better on my next one. we have four papers all quarter and well just finished on and getting ready to start paper two. My professor has already assigned us paper three because there is so much that goes into it that it will take a while to do the research on a conversional issues. I have chose to do a paper on the issue of Same Sex Marriages and and I am looking for people view points on the subjects. If you would like to voice your opinion email me @ and please include who you are in the subject and that you want to give me your opinion in the subject heading because if i dont know who or what an email is about I always just delet it with even reading and i really would like peoples opinion.

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