Monday, October 5, 2009

Feel like a outcast....

I was discussing my paper on gay marrige to my good friend so I thought, when she was like why are they(school) making you write a paper on marrige and i told her there not, that it was my choice and then she flys off the handle. she was like whats your opinion on it and i told her i thought that it should be legal and she said didnt care whetherit was legal or mot she just belive its not right and she would never really be friends with someone that was gay. this makes me really hurt and partically because she doesnt know that i am gay but other is i known her for almost 5-6 years and to say that about me just make rethink whether she a true friend or not.

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to find out someone you think is a friend is not who you thought they were. Tell her your Gay! It might make her rethink her prejudice.